is a small independent record label with its face in the smoke and its heart in the sticks.

We know these things to be true:

Crocfingers is very probably a non-profit organisation. We shall unknowingly endeavor to lose money at every opportunity. All accidental profits shall be 're-invested'.

In the unlikely event that we get there, Crocfingers will release no more than 33 albums or 45 singles and then will cease to exist.

Crocfingers shall, if we so fancy, hold the right to change the name of the artist, their clothes and sometimes even their facial expressions using photoshop.

Crocfingers shall have the final say on most other things as well because it’s our money we’re losing on your behalf.

All songs remain in the ownership of the artist…blah, blah, blah…

In the event that the artist and Crocfingers disagree on the artistic content of a recording we shall all sit down and talk about it for 20 minutes and then we decide we were right.

Crocfinger future releases will be decided democratically the nearest public house, by ‘the panel’.

The artwork shall indeed be good.

All albums shall be approx 32 minutes in length, (give or take).


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